What is it?


After a while, long or short depending on how your system was designed,  your boiler starts to wheeze clank and bang!!!. Your radiators go cold at the bottom even though they are still hot at the top. Your gas bills go up but you are no longer toasty warm. The control valves start to leak and break down, the pump starts to grate. WHATS GONE WRONG?

The problem is caused by rust and debris called magnetite trapped in your system. It stops the heat from reaching the water in the boiler and produces lots of Hydrogen gas in the radiators meaning you constantly have to "bleed" it off. Had there been a corrosion inhibitor when your system was installed it would have lasted longer but what can you do now?

Rip it out and start again............well yes that will work but its a bit drastic!!!!  So what then??

The answer is a POWER FLUSH by Cando using our Kamco Power Flusher and FX2 cleaner or the latest Adey double magnetic flushing maching. You will actually see the water being cleaned right infront of you.

An inline filter system is now included in the cost of a flush.


We start by part draining your system and connecting the power flushing machine to your system, now we add the cleaner,typically FX2, depending on your system, refill the system and fire up the boiler. The power flush machine has a very powerful pump which now starts to pump the cleaner all round the system. Once the system is warm enough all radiators but one are shut off the remaining radiator now gets the full force of the power flush all to itself, first 10 mins one way then it is reversed to go backwards. The pressure and the cleaner loosen the debris and puts it in suspension. This process is repeated for each radiator in turn.

When that's finished we flush the suspended debris out of the system, pumping fresh cold water into the system,the power flush washes the debris down the drain again first one way then the other again one radiator at a time plus the boiler and the cylinder.

Now its time to neutralise the cleaner left in the system so the neutraliser is added to the power flush which circulates all around the system.

Almost done now.

Once more we drain the system and finally adding a corrosion inhibitor we refill the system, heat test and rebalance to leave your system completely clean,  much much quieter and back to its maximum efficiency.

As you can see this is a very labour intensive operation and usually takes all day so its not cheap but it is WELL  worth the money. It is a requirement of any new boiler installation to have a power flush completed or NO Guarantee. If it dont take all day ask if its done right?

We also recommend a magnetite filter be installed at the same time.

We are now pleased to offer the latest system cleanse using the ADEY Magna cleanse magnetic cleaning system. This uses both a cleaning/flushing agent and twin extremely powerful magnets to trap the magnetite so it can be removed. The operation is the same as above but now you can see the debris that is released from the system as it goes into the machine and lo and behold the water comes out clean!!!!

Now you know all about a heating system Power  flush, what it is and how its done.

magnetite collected from one radiator

magnetite collected from one small very dirty radiator.

The new ADEY magnetic cleansing system.

the twin magnets

the twin high powered magnets with debris (mainly magnetite) from just one radiator. This is what makes the bottom of the radiator stay cold as it stops the water from circulating.


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