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Boiler Service

Our Boiler Services

We offer central heating and gas services for homes and businesses in Dudley and the surrounding areas.

Our company has been accredited by various trade and industry bodies to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work and professionalism.

You have found the right place if you’re looking for an electrical, heating, or plumber who is fully qualified.

Cando Plumbing and Heating engineers have a wealth of knowledge in heating and gas. We can help you with all your heating needs, whether your central heating has stopped working or your boiler needs to be serviced annually.

The best quality products are used by our specialists who consistently meet the highest standards. Our customer service is unmatched. If you have a heating problem that requires immediate attention, you can trust us.

Our heating specialists can install any type heating appliance at a time that suits you. No matter how complex or large your problem, our experts will offer a quick and efficient solution. Heating needs are our specialty.

Boiler installation

Boiler installation can be done by an experienced Gas Safe boiler engineer at Boiler Central. We install many boilers across the Midlands every single day, except a few national holidays.

A new boiler might be the best choice if your boiler is having problems. There are many things to know about installing new boilers. You can install different types of boilers so that you have a variety of heating systems in your home.

An older residence will have a standard boiler, also known as a traditional, heat-only, or regular model. You may be able to use the same type of installation if you own an older house. It is more convenient and easier to maintain your current install. A combi boiler is also known as a combination boiler. It combines a central heating boiler and a high-efficiency water heater.

For more information on a new boiler or installation, please contact our Boiler specialists. They can provide a quote for a new boiler and installation.

If you have any questions about boiler installation or boiler services, we are experts. To get an instant online price, call 01384 437 244

Boiler Installation
Boiler repair

Boiler repair

Our engineer will inspect your central heating and boiler. We will repair your boiler and central heating if it is possible. We’d give you a separate quote for each repair if the original fault was a boiler that has broken.

Our experienced engineers are available to assist you in the Midlands with any plumbing, gas, boiler, or electrical problem. They are also able to help with new boiler replacements! Our range of maintenance and support plans will provide you with an annual service and ongoing maintenance on your boiler.

Your boiler could be leaking water for a variety of reasons. Find out what they are and how to fix them. It is recommended that you replace your boiler if it is more than 10-15 years old. The cost of repairs will only go up over time. It all depends on how old and efficient your boiler is.

We understand that boilers can break when you least expect them to. This is why we offer emergency boiler repairs – this service is available for anyone without heating or hot water. For any emergency repairs, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers will be there within 24 hours. Here’s what to do in an emergency if you have heating problems.

Boiler servicing

A boiler service can save you money in the long-term and give you peace of mind. It’s cheaper to pay for repairs and services as you go, than to take out boiler coverage that includes repairs.

Even if you have to pay for repairs every two years, our analysis shows that you can save approximately £113 each year by choosing to pay for one-off services or repairs and not for boiler coverage. You could also expect bigger savings if your boiler brand breaks down less often than other brands.

You may also be covered for boiler breakdowns by some home insurance companies. This can either be as a standard or optional extra. Although the cost of adding breakdown coverage to your insurance policy is typically lower than purchasing a contract, you won’t receive the same benefits.

You should get the best value for your money when you use a service. After all, the purpose of the service is to keep your boiler from breaking down and potentially costing you more over the long-term.

Boiler Servicing

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Gas Safe Register

Gas safe register

Gas businesses and engineers must be registered on the Gas Safe Register in order to legally work on gas equipment. Gas Safe Register is an official gas registration body in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. It is appointed by each Health and Safety Authority. Gas Safe Register must be maintained by all gas engineers.

Gas Safe Register’s purpose is to protect the public against unsafe gas work. This is done in two ways: the Register’s operation, e.g. It ensures that the Register is up-to-date and accurate. Inspecting the work done by Gas Safe registered engineers. Investigating reports of illegal gas work. Public awareness campaigns are the second area.

Engineers will need to have the relevant qualifications and proof of competence before they can apply for registration. Gas Safe Register will receive the information once the engineer has obtained the relevant qualifications and evidence. Gas Safe Register currently accepts only the ACS, NVQ, or SVQ qualifications. Each Gas Safe registered company renews its registration annually and updates their qualifications every five years.

Gas safe certificates

It is always useful to know what documentation you can expect from an engineer if they are doing gas work on your property. This is everything you need to know. After they have completed gas work on your property, a gas engineer may give you a Gas Safety Record. It will depend on what type of work they have done, whether it is a safety inspection or service.

Although all gas engineers must be registered on the Gas Safe Register by law, they are not required to submit Gas Safety Record documentation to you after visiting. Only one exception applies, and that is if you are a landlord.

You can find more information about gas safety in rented accommodation, whether you are a landlord or tenant in our Renting A Property section. It is a good idea to contact your Gas Safe registered engineer prior to them visiting your property. This will let you know what to expect.

Gas Safe Certificate

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