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Are you looking for Dudley’s best plumbers? Then you have come to right place. Our plumbing services are highly recommendable. I have had the privilege of working as a local plumber for over a decade. This has allowed me to gain a wealth knowledge and experience that will help me to provide excellent plumbing services to my customers in Dudley.

I understand the stress and inconvenience that can result from plumbing problems. It is important to have a reliable plumber available when you are in urgent need.

Cando Plumbing and Heating in Dudley is the plumber you can rely on if you ever have a plumbing emergency. We are a City and Guilds licensed plumbnig company and are available to help with all aspects of plumbing in Dudley. You can call us for any emergency plumbing needs, including leaking taps, burst pipes, and blocked drains.

Tap repair and replacement

If your tap leaks or drips constantly, it can cause damage to your home.

The washers within your taps can begin to wear, which causes water to seep into the tap. No matter what you do to tighten/turn the tap.

Our plumbers have the ability to replace or repair any type of tap, including Ceramic disc taps or Pillar taps. Our engineers know the details of these taps and can repair them.

They will first diagnose the problem and then fix the issue. Our engineers will be at your property with important parts on their vans to make sure that they can stop the leak or drip as quickly as possible.

The best way to get your taps replaced is to call a plumber. It’s not an easy task. If your sink is already installed, replacing taps can be challenging and requires expertise, the right tools, as well as the right method.

Tap Replacement and Repair
Toilet and Shower Leaks

Toilet and shower leaks

Water stains in the ceiling of your bathroom is usually the first sign you have a plumbing leak. This is usually a sign the leak has caused significant damage to hidden areas. Call a plumber right away to fix the problem.

Nearly all plumbing leaks can be traced to plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks. A few simple signs that your bathroom is leaking could save you headaches and prevent costly future repair bills.

It’s a good thing to inspect the seals around showerheads and showerheads from time to time. If left unchecked, a serious plumbing problem can occur.

It can cause extensive damage if the water continues to leak and comes into contact with the floor or wall surrounding it.

Shower leaks might soon lead to expensive plumbing repairs.

Wooden floorboards and wooden joists have a tendency to shrink and eventually rot. If this happens, it can result in a costly replacement project. The shower tray and enclosure may have to go.

Kitchen installation

Installers are highly skilled and will install your kitchen to the highest quality standards. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your kitchen’s in good hands.

Once you’ve decided that you want to build your new kitchen, Wickes Approved Installer will meet you. Before installation begins, they will visit your home and conduct a detailed technical survey. This time can be used to discuss any plumbing, electrics, and gas work.

We want your satisfaction and that you feel confident in the quality of your installation. We provide a 2-year workmanship assurance on top all other product warranties.

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Kitchen Installation
Bathroom Installation

Bathroom installation

A complete bathroom suite with plastering, tiling, electric works, and product installation takes approximately 10 working days. It depends on the size of your space.

Our highly skilled plumbers will fit your bathroom to the highest quality standards while adhering with additional safety measures that we have implemented. You can feel confident that your bathroom is in safe hands. You can be at ease knowing that your bathrooms are safe.

We want your satisfaction and that you feel confident in the quality of your installation. We provide a 2-year workmanship assurance on top all other product warranties.

Emergency Plumbing

Don’t despair if an emergency happens! Cando Plumbing and Heating provides emergency plumbers for your assistance. We can help with any heating problem or plumbing emergency.

Our team is trained to address any kind plumbing emergency.

To ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency, our gas fire service engineers can repair or service any system. We also help to prevent further problems from occurring. We can also inspect your boiler to avoid any stress or hassle.

We provide same-day service within all areas we cover, particularly in cases of emergency plumbing. You can contact us for any type of plumbing emergency, including boiler repairs, leaky and burst pipes, as well toilets that won’t flush or cold showers.

Call us at 01384 437 244 in case of an emergency!

Emergency Plumbing